Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a perfect hands-free speaker where you can control with your voice. The real fact is that echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service in order to play music, make calls, transmit and receive messages, provide data, and news etc. The entire design is good and it is about 9.25*3.27 inch cylindrical shape and the color is matte black exterior. The major differences between the Echo and other speakers are that it is not exactly portable one and it needs to be plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi most of the hours. There are two buttons namely mute and listen where one can raise or lower volume, any adjustments can also be controlled from the phone through the Amazon Echo App without any need of physical buttons to be pressed using whatsapp iphone clone.  The sound is Omni-directional one and the sound produced will be good whether it is located on a shelf or as a centerpiece one. The app has taken the folks to a different level to manually connect the Echo through wireless settings. Once the process is finished select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password along with the confirmation message appearing in the app.

GoPro Hero 6

In the present era, the action cameras are not initially purchased for the photography reasons, capturing of still images is the center of attraction. It is well known for its optical image stabilization and it takes cool pictures from Instant messaging app similar to that of the commercial cameras. An interesting fact is that it is integrated with the HDR functionality and hence it is proved as an excellent snapper and action camera too. The GPS functionality was introduced in the GoPro itself. It is said to be that the drone range has become the central one to GoPro operations and GPS plays the most important role in the system. The best feature is that it has its ability to deliver 4 k resolutions at 60 fps and provides the best stabilization functionality. The overall working mechanism is too good. The only disadvantage is that GoPro still struggles to pick up the voice in the noisier surroundings.  It remains waterproof to about ten meters without any requirement of the external housing. Its greatest strength is its mount and its accessories. The processor used here is custom designed GP1 processor and it allows capturing far higher resolution and offers the double performance of its last version.

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